Wednesday, December 23, 2009

High protein soybean meal

After extracting most of the oil from whole soybeans, the remaining product is Soybean mea. The oil may be removed by solvent extraction or by an expeller process in which the beans are heated and squeezed.
Soybean meal is high in protein and energy and is one of the most commonly used protein supplements for Poultry, Fisheries, Dairy and Pig feeds. It is a palatable feedstuff and may be used as the major protein supplement for the above feed sector. Normally it contains 48% crude protein, crude fiber 3%, net energy 81.1 Mcal/100 lbs.

High protein soybean meal

A high protein soybean meal is disclosed. The soybean meal is generated from soybeans that are capable of commercial yields, wherein the meal comprises at least 58% protein on a dry weight basis. The soybean meal of the present invention may also be generated from soybeans comprising a mean whole seed total protein plus oil content of greater than about 64%, on a dry weight basis, wherein the soybean has a yield, under standard agronomic conditions, of at least 30 bushels per acre. Also disclosed is an animal feed containing the soybean meal of the present invention.

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